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*** Spring 2011 ***

Happy Spring Folks,

I would like to update you on recent and current happenings at Ueland Tree Farm.  A couple of weeks ago, as you may have read, Ueland Tree Farm received a supportive ruling related to our conditional use permit application for mining operations. Given the state of the economy and the relatively low level of construction in central Kitsap County (which in turn provides most of the demand for rock and gravel), we plan to develop our mining operation more slowly than we would if the economy was booming. We are very optimistic about the long-term future of the Kitsap Peninsula and entire Puget Sound region, but we will be deliberate in ramping up our operations, including any preparatory work along Lebers Lane and Northlake Way. 

Some things you might see happening on the property this spring and summer include the following:

We understand many of you may have questions about our timetable or overall plans for Ueland Tree Farm or our adjacent Bremerton West Ridge property, as well as specific questions regarding  mining and/or widening of Northlake Way . Mark will be at the parking lot at the end of Lebers Lane on May 22nd from 1:00 to 3:00 to answer questions. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to send Mark an email at  mauren.wa@gmail.com or call him at (253) 307-5900.

Warm Regards,

Craig Ueland


***June 14, 2010 Update***

Hi Folks,

Several things to pass along:
  1. I have received a few phone calls about bark being stripped off some Cedar trees just as you enter Ueland Tree Farm property. As you know we opened the area up for plant salvage this last May. At the same time, we gave permission to the Elders from the Suquamish Tribe to remove native plant material for substance and ceremonial purposes. The bark will be used for making traditional clothing and some of the vegetation will be used for medicines and food. The tribal Elder we are working with offered to send pictures and provide some background information, which we will post on our web site.
  2. For those who walk on Ueland Tree Farm property there is a logging truck that is hauling material related to our sale of  utility poles. The truck driver normally makes two trips a day. He typically arrives at the site around 6am and doesn't leave the property until 8:00am. He usually hauls his second load around 1:00pm. Once school is out he may shift to hauling at 7:00am and 12:00 to beat the heat of the day and traffic.
  3. With regard to mineral extraction, we are required to monitor ground water a year prior to removing any material. In the process of preparing for mineral extraction, you may see a well-drilling rig on the property in the next two to three weeks. A map of the proposed location of the wells is in Hydrogelogic Technical Report in Exhibit "E". This brief document provides additional information about the plan for monitoring the ground water and wetlands. For those who want to review the wetlands first hand, I have placed a ribbon line leading to each one that will be monitored. There will be a blue and white striped ribbon hanging along with a pink ribbon. The locations are on a map in Exhibit "E".

Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions. My email address is mauren.wa@gmail.com.

Warm regards,



***April 30, 2010 Update***

***April 7, 2010 Update***

***March 30, 2010 Update***

***March 18, 2010 Update***



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